About commodore



My interest in the Amiga started with rumours about a  super computer coming from Commodore in about 1985. Features in Commodore user magazine only increased my interested and with the release of the A1000 in 1985 I was hooked but the A1000 was way out of my humble price range, however Commodore had an ace up its sleeve and the Amiga 500 was launched in the UK in late 1987. I managed to buy one with family help in February 1988 and the stage was set for the next 30+ years.


Defender of the crown

While others played the Atari 2600 or C64 I lusted after the Amiga and especially the video game Defender of the crown, a master piece by Cinemaware with code by RJ Mical and graphics / Art by Jim Sachs.


A Slow death

Commodores last machine was the CD32 , a stripped down A1200 in a CD-ROM case and sold as a console ....however due to huge losses the machine was released six months early for the Christmas season 1993 and sales of the A1200 bombed only increasing the financial pressure on Commodore. Low stocks of CD32 machines and Commodores lack of credit and falling sales and share price meant that the writing was on the wall. The once great company closed in April 1994 and was sold at auction.

So who am I? I am a devoted fan and passionate Commodore user who wants to see Commodore back on the market and back in the news...stay tuned.